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Welcome to BAKA


The name BAKAPREP derived from the word “BAKA” which means seeds or “benih” and can be translated as “the gene – a gift”. BAKA started as a research project in the Faculty of Education University Malaya in 1980 to develop screening tests children with special mental abilities. It has since progressed into a full-pledged programme to develop individual’s intellectual potentials.

Based on this concept, BAKAPREP SDN BHD has now evolved into a full business entity comprising all areas of business models related to the development of potentials, with primary concentration on developing human potentials. It also manages a training resort, a pre-school, a publishing company and an event management company.


BAKA started as a research project in the University Malaya’s Faculty of Education for the development of Superior and Gifted Intellectual Potential in 1980. It sought to develop screening tests for children with special mental abilities. In 1982, it became a “pull-out” program carried out during the school holidays and other times when needed.

Known as the BAKA Program for the High Intellectual Potentials (for Superior and Gifted), it was founded by Dato’ Azman Wan Chik. His passion for developing intellectual potentials has led him to continue spending time, effort and money in the research and development of BAKA.

Today, thru BAKAPREP, the concept has been used to develop individuals from all walks of life to realize their potential to the fullest. BAKAPREP involvement and commitment in developing individuals have progressed steadily.